Genome Informatics Instructions for Volume Editor

Genome Informatics

Instructions for Volume Editor

July 25, 2007

This document describes the tasks of the volume editor (the program committee chair) so that the printed and electronic versions of Genome Informatics can be published correctly on time by World Scientific Publishing Company.

The volume editor is asked to download the following files and read them carefully.

1.General Instructions for Genome Informatics Volume Editor


2.Master Files for Volume Editor

The World Scientific style/template documents for LaTeX2e, allow authors to prepare manuscripts that can be brought directly into the World Scientific production process for camera-ready titles. The file ws-gi-975x65_2e_master.tex is the master file for “Genome Informatics” to input all the articles from front matter, body and end matter files.  This describes the jobs which the volume editor is requested to do for preparing the final files which will be sent to the publisher.

3.Regulations and Guidelines for International Conference on Genome Informatics (GIW)


4.JSBi Copyright Form