Bylaws of the Japanese Society for Bioinformatics
Drafted 9/29/1999
Revised 10/8/99 and 10/20/1999

Section I General

Article 1 The name of this organization shall be the Japanese Society for Bioinformatics.

Section II Purposes and Events

Article 2 The purpose of this Society is to perform research in bioinformatics, conduct investigations into its techniques, and exchange research and knowledge in the field in order to promote these and related activities, as well as contribute to the field's educational base.
Article 3 This Society shall sponsor academic meetings and lectures, print publications, present awards, and otherwise engage in activities toward the goals outlined above.

Section III Membership

Article 4 The Society's membership shall consist of Honorary Members, Regular Members, and Supporting Members.
  1. Honorary Members shall be determined by Board of Directors based on their special contributions to the field of bioinformatics either academically, technically, or through other activities.
  2. Regular Members shall be individuals involved in the research of bioinformatics or otherwise interested in the field who agree with the purposes of this Society and who pay the membership dues.
  3. Supporting Members shall be individuals or organizations who agree with the purposes of this Society and who contribute one or more Supporting Member memberships.
Article 5 Those who would become Regular Members or Supporting Members must apply to the Society in the prescribed manner, pay the entrance fee, and be granted permission for entry from the Chairman.
Article 6 Honorary Members, Regular Members, and Supporting Members may each exercise a different set of membership rights.
Article 7 Members may lose their membership privileges for the following reasons:
  1. Resignation of membership
  2. Being declared incompetent or partially incompetent
  3. Death, being declared absent, or dissolution of group in case of group membership.
  4. Expulsion
Article 8 Anyone wishing to resign membership must have a fully paid membership and submit a resignation form including reason for resignation
Article 9 Members may be expelled from the Society by a decision from the Board of Directors for any of the following reasons:
  1. Delinquency of payment of membership dues
  2. Violation of membership duties
  3. Soiling the name of the society or otherwise impeding its activities
Article 10 Members who have resigned their membership or who have been expelled are not eligible for reimbursement of membership dues.

Section IV Officials and Board Members

Article 11 The Society shall have the following Board of Directors and Officials
  1. Chairman of the Board   1
  2. Vice-Chairman of the Board   1
  3. Secretaries   Several
  4. Auditors   2
Article 12 The Chairman of the Board shall oversee the Society's various operations as well as represent the Society. The Vice-Chairman of the Board shall fill the Chairman's role if the Chairman becomes unable to function for some reason or is absent. The term of office for Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board shall be one year.
Article 13 Board Meetings shall be held with the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretaries, and Board Members in attendance. Decisions about the Society's operation are determined and enacted at Board Meetings. The term of office for Board Members is two years.
Article 14 Secretary Meetings shall be held with the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretaries in attendance. At the Secretary Meetings, matters determined at the Board Meetings shall be enacted, including but not limited to meetings, projects and events, auditing, international exchange, advertising, and public relations. The term of office for Secretary shall be one year.
Article 15 Auditors shall perform auditing duties as well as oversee activities of the Board Meetings. The term of office for Auditors shall be one year.
Article 16 Appointment of Officials and Board Members shall be performed as described in "Additional Regulations".
Article 17 An office for performing the Society's functions may be established.

Section V Meetings

Article 18 The Chairman of General Meetings, Board Meetings, and Secretary Meetings shall be the Chairman of the Board.
Article 19 The Chairman of the Board shall call Board Meetings at least twice per year.
Article 20 Quorum for Board Meetings is more than one half of current Board Members. However, a Board Member may be considered in attendance if they express their intent regarding meeting items in advance.
Article 21 Decisions regarding meeting items of Board Meetings shall be determined by the majority of Board Members present. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall determine the outcome.
Article 22 Regular General Meetings shall be held once per year.
Article 23 The Chairman of the Board must promptly call an Emergency General Meeting when one fifth or more of the Society's members request so by presenting in writing items to be considered at the Meeting.
Article 24 The agenda for General Meetings must be made public at least 10 days in advance.
Article 25 The following items must be presented and approved at Regular General Meetings.
  1. Society plans and budget
  2. Reports and fiscal balance sheet
  3. Other items deemed necessary at Board Meetings
Article 26 Quorum for General Meetings is more than one tenth of the general membership. However, a member may be considered present if they express in advance their intent regarding meeting items in writing or with a letter of proxy.
Article 27 Meeting items at General Meetings shall be determined by the majority of members present. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall determine the outcome.
Article 28 A summary of meeting items and their outcomes shall be made available to members.
Article 29 Meeting minutes shall be written by the Chairman and signed and imprinted with the personal seal of the Chairman and two other persons present at the meeting before being preserved.

Section VI Accounting

Article 30 The Society shall use as monetary resources entrance fees, membership dues, donations, and other sources of income.
Article 31 The Society's fiscal year shall run from April 1 to March 31st of the following year.

Section VII Changes of Bylaws and Dissolution

Article 32 Agreement of more than two thirds of the Society's membership is necessary for changes in the Society's bylaws or dissolution of the society.

Section VIII Supplementary Regulations

Article 33 Other supplementary rules necessary for the administration of these bylaws shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section IX Additional Regulations

1. The following additional regulations were enacted on December 13, 1999.

Japanese Society for Bioinformatics Supplementary Regulations

Section I Membership Application Process and Dues

Article 1 Regular members must apply to the Society by filling out the application form, and sending it with the entrance fee and the first year's membership dues to the Chairman, who must approve the application.
Article 2 Entrance fees and membership dues are described as follows.
              Entrance fee: 		     1,000 yen 
              Regular Member membership due: 3,000 yen yearly 
                                            (2,000 yen for students)
              Supporting Members:            At least one membership unit of 50,000 yen yearly

Section II Election of Officials

Article 3 The Board of Directors shall be elected in the following manner: A.Directors shall be elected by the Membership (this refers to Regular Members and Honorary Members). B.The Chairman shall appoint an Election Committee of at least three persons from the Membership which shall bear responsible for duties regarding the election. C.The Membership shall each be allowed to vote once anonymously for 5 Directors. Fundamentally, voting shall be performed by mail. D.Directors may not be elected twice consecutively. E.There shall be 20 Directors. When the number of Directors falls below 20, there is no need to elect or appoint new Directors before the next election. F.The top 20 persons receiving the most votes are elected Directors. When there is a tie between two persons, the person of more advanced age shall be elected.
Article 4 The Chairman of the Board shall be appointed in the following manner: A.The Board of Directors shall elect its Chairman. B.Voting is performed anonymously. The candidate receiving more than half the votes is appointed Director. C.When no person receives more than half the votes, the two top candidates shall run in a run-off election. When the run-off election results in a tie, the winner shall be determined by random draw.
Article 5 The Vice-Chairman shall be appointed by the Chairman and approved by the Board of Directors.
Article 6 The Secretaries shall be appointed by the Chairman and approved by the Board of Directors.
Article 7 Two persons from the membership not already serving as Chairman, Secretary, or Director shall be elected by serve as Auditors at Board Meetings. Auditors may not serve twice consecutively.
Article 8 The Chairman may create various committees with the approval of the Board.

Section III Membership List

Article 9 This Society may create a Membership List.

Section IV Changes of Additional Regulations

Article 10 Changes in these Additional Regulations may be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section V Supplementary Regulations

Article 11 These Additional Regulations are effective as of December 13, 1999.