Privacy Policy

Article 1 - Purpose
The purpose of the privacy policy of the Japanese Society for Bioinformatics (hereafter referred to as "privacy policy") is to ensure the protection and effective use of personal information regarding Society members or non-members engaged in activities related to the Society.

Article 2 - Collection of Personal Information
The Society shall collect personal information regarding Society members or non-members engaged in activities related to the Society only for purposes of providing services, creating membership directories, conducting surveys, and renewing old personal information, all in accordance with the goals of the Society.

Article 3 - Management of Personal Information by the Society
Personal information gathered by the Society shall be kept in strictest confidentiality, and shall not be damaged, altered, or lost. Personal information shall be stored in such a way to prevent leakage to entities outside the Society. However, the Society shall bear no responsibility if outside entities should obtain this information despite the Society's efforts.

Article 4 - Management of Personal Information by Members
Membership numbers and passwords shall be issued to all Society members in order to facilitate management of personal information by members. Members may use these membership numbers and passwords in direct communication with the Society to manage their personal information. Members shall not divulge their passwords to third parties, and shall be responsible for keeping their passwords safe and confidential, including changing the passwords when appropriate. The Society accepts no responsibility for damage if a member's password is used by a third party to obtain their personal information. Members should contact the Society immediately if they forget their password or if they suspect is has been stolen or otherwise in danger of being used inappropriately.

Article 5 - Use of Personal Information
A. The Society reserves the right to give personal information to third parties for use in legitimate Society business without requesting prior permission from members. Moreover, the Society may give statistical information about its members not containing identifying personal information to third parties.
B. Personal information may be used for purposes other than for which it was collected or passed to third parties in the following cases:
  1. when legally required to do so,
  2. with the consent of the individual,
  3. when personal information is used to send e-mail, etc. for the purposes of Society business or information distribution activities or services for which the member has previously granted permission, or
  4. when such information is necessary for good reason to achieve goals or plans determined at the General Meeting.

Article 6 - Responsibility
When personal information is used for information distribution activities or services of the Society as described in B. 3) above, the Society shall bear no responsibility to the receiver (whether a member or non-member) as to the veracity or reliability of this information, or for delays or discontinuations of its transmission. The Society also bears no responsibility for any damage to users of its information distribution activities or services resulting from information transmitted.

Article 7 - Revisions
Revisions in this privacy policy shall be determined by the Board of Directors. In this case, said changes in the policy shall be transmitted with all reasonable speed to the membership.

This privacy policy is enacted July 14, 2003.