Looking for a PhD student
Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany


Want to try yourself in Europe, especially in Germany? Tired of studying in Japan without getting paid? Dream about working in both wet and dry lab? Want to analyze raw NGS data? Looking forward to working with patients' data? Don't look further. Simply apply to Uchida Lab in Frankfurt. We are in the process of moving from the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research (http://www.mpi-hlr.de/index.php?id=455&L=1) to Goethe-University Frankfurt. We are establishing a new lab at the Institute of Cardiovascular Regeneration (http://www.cardiovascular-regeneration.com/). Everything is brand new, including building and equipments (e.g. Ion Torrent PGM).

We are looking for a bioinformatics student who would like to work in the areas of epigenetics and long noncoding RNAs. The basic requirement is to be able to write programs.

To apply, send CV, cover letter including the description of past research accomplishments as well as contact information for three references to:

Dr. Shizuka Uchida, PhD
Institute of Cardiovascular Regeneration
Centre for Molecular Medicine
Goethe-University Frankfurt
Building 25B 3.0G
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590, Frankfurt am Main
E-mail: Uchida@med.uni-frankfurt.de