CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD: Recruitment of Scientists in data science (bioinformatics) or data engineering


≪Type of employment≫:
Regular employee

≪Description of work≫:
Facilitating following activities in drug discovery and clinical development projects.
-Integrative analysis of multi-omics data
-Advanced analysis using machine learning, etc.
-Analysis on clinicogenomics and real world data
-Design and construction of database, and informational system design

≪Required qualifications≫:
Ph.D. or corresponding expertise with a master's degree in a field of Medicine, Pharmacology, Engineering or Biology.
A person who possesses any of the following skill sets:
-Expertise in bioinformatics, genomics, statistical genetics, or computer science etc.
-Programing skills (Python, R and Oracle etc.)
-Expertise in construction of DBs and its related systems

≪Place of business≫:
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., ltd. Kamakura Research Laboratories

Discretionary labor system

To be decided in accordance with our criteria

≪Application method≫:
Please send your personal history and career history to the email address shown below. Please specify the field of business to which you apply. We will inform applicants who pass the initial screening of the next steps. We will not return documents submitted by applicants.
* We will not disclose any application to any third party.
* We will not use documents submitted by applicants for any purposes other than screening.

Recruitment staff, Research Business Support Department, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
200 Kajiwara, Kamakura-city, Kanagawa Prefecture, 247-8530 Japan

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