National Cancer Center Research Institute: Recruitment of Research Assistant (hourly-wage employment)


Department of Bioinformatics at National Cancer Center is looking for Research Assistant.

1. Job title and the number

Research Assistant (hourly-wage employment), one person

2. Job description

・      Make pipeline/batch scripts composed of open software tools and Linux commands to process data in the next-generation sequencer

Details: The next-generation sequencer produces huge scale of data consisting of string data A, C, G, T of DNA (RNA). Such data are processed by batch scripts composed of publically-available software tools and Linux commands to find differences from the standard human genome and to quantify DNA (RNA). Research Assistant is expected to make such pipeline scripts and to tune parameters of the software tools. Research Assistant will be taught what they are and how to perform those; so, he or she does not have to have the knowledge beforehand. Perl/SQL/Bash, and cluster/super computers will be used.


・      Make scripts for statistical analysis

Details: Output data from batch scripts are processed by statistical-computing language such as R and compared with genome databases to extract biologically and medically meaningful information. Research Assistant is expected to make such scripts. Classical statistics, Bayes statistics, computer-intensive statistics, multi-variate analysis, and data mining will be used. Research Assistant does not have to have the knowledge beforehand; he or she will be taught the details. However, Research Assistant should know at least basic knowledge on mathematics, statistics, information science, or similar fields in order to understand them.


・      Implementing new algorithms developed by scientists

Details: Research Assistant is expected to implement new algorithms that are related to the two points above. Perl/Java/C++ will be used, though it is not necessarily limited to them.


* Our team aims at developing cutting-age bioinformatics technologies to realize next-generation personalized medicine and to reveal what is cancer. We expect that Research Assistant will be excited in this academic atmosphere and world-wide competition.


3. Required qualifications

1. At least three-year experience of programming (C/C++/Perl/Java/Python, etc)

2. Basic knowledge on one of the following areas: mathematics, statistics, information science or similar fields

3. Strong interests in programming or statistical/data analysis

4. Interests in bioinformatics

5. Preferable: experience or knowledge on relational database (SQL) or statistical-computing language (R, etc)


4. Conditions:

Status:         Hourly-wage employment

Working hours: 30 hours per week (5 days a week, Mon-Fri; Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays).

Duty hours: 10:00-17:00 (including one-hour break) *negotiable

Overtime work can be possible.

Salary:          Paid in accordance with the NCC’s salary payment policy for hourly-wage employment

                     Example: 1,600 Japanese Yen per hour

Provide transportation allowance, social insurance (applicable when weekly working hours exceeds 30 hrs or more), employment insurance, (applicable when 20 hrs or more), bonus (applicable when 30 hrs or more), and paid holidays (depending on working hours)


5. Appointment period

The first appointment term ends at the end of this fiscal year. Each term is maximally one year, ending at the end of March. Reviewed at each term and can be renewed. The first 3 months in the first appointment term are the trial period.


6. Date of employment

On rolling basis (*negotiable)


7. Required materials

(1) CV with photo attached

Write your career from high school

(2) Relevant certification, license, or registration of your specialty (if any)

Photocopied into A4 in size if possible

(3) Educational certificate of the most recent degree

Photocopied into A4 in size if possible

(4) Essay about your career (up to 2 pages in A4)

* Application documents of unsuccessful candidates are properly disposed by NCC.

8. Closing date

On rolling basis (close when the slots are filled)


9. Process

CV screening, and then only selected candidates will be interviewed.


10. Materials submitted to

Personnel Department (Jinji-Ka)

National Cancer Center

5-1-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku,

Tokyo, 104-0045




Please write in red color on the envelop “Application for Department of Bioinformatics” and send by registered mail or other trackable ways