Call for Postdoctoral Researchers
Prediction Control and Data Analysis Group in JST-ERATO SATO Live Bio-Forecasting Project

Postdoctoral fellowships are available associated with the Prediction
Control and Data Analysis group at ERATO SATO Live Bio-Forecasting
project (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (
ATR) in Kyoto, Japan). This project is funded by Japan Science and
Technology Agency (JST). We currently have challenging opportunities for
scientists in fields of statistics, machine learning, computer science
and other mathematical science. The project aims to develop innovative
technologies of data science for real-time and live forecasting of
complex and stochastic dynamic processes in life science.

JST-ERATO SATO Live Bio-Forecasting project
Director: Thomas N. Sato, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute
International (ATR)
Period: up to March 31th, 2019

*Aim of Prediction Control and Data Analysis group:
With real-time data obtained from molecular/cellular imaging or omics-
measurements, we aim to predict and control spatiotemporal dynamics of
complex biological processes. Bayesian statistics and Data Assimilation
(DA) form the methodological foundation of this project. The concept of
DA originated in meteorology and oceanography, and nowadays its
techniques are employed increasingly in many areas; weather forecasting
and climate prediction as the most typical examples, hydrology, biology
and many other fields. The method provides solutions for several types
of the inverse problem; estimation of unknown parameters or initial
fields in a model, and reconstruction of internal states of a complex
dynamic system with partially observed data. The theoretical basis of DA
is formed by Bayesian statistics. Many existing techniques of DA can be
viewed from the Bayesian perspective. This unified view leads to further
algorithmic developments and an idea to create new applications. This
group creates innovative technologies of bioimaging informatics, omics-
data analysis, mathematical modeling, simulation and parallel
computation, and then demonstrates the proof-of-concept of the Live Bio-
Forecasting based on Bayesian and DA methods. We also aim to identify
problems from a unique perspective of data science, and pioneer new
strategic applications of Bayesian statistics and DA in broad fields of
life science.

*Research fields:
 Machine learning
 Computer science
 Simulation science
 Image processing
 Systems biology
 Mathematical biology

*Work place:
 Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
 2-2-2 Hikaridai Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto-fu 619-0288, Japan

*Position available: 1 position for Postdoctoral Researcher

*Working conditions and contract period: Full-time (Nontenured)
Fixed term employee. The initial contract is for 1 fiscal year, but can
be renewed for a second fiscal year (until March 31, 2019) depending on
the progress of the research and a performance evaluation. Salary will
be competitive in accordance with ATR's bylaws, with consideration of
the academic qualifications and demonstrated research skills of the

*Closing date:
  May 31, 2014.
  *The application may close sooner as soon as the position is filled

*Application procedure:
In the application, please include a cover letter, curriculum vitae (
including a list of publications), a statement of research interests (
two-pages), and names and contact addresses (email addresses) of two
references. Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant,
and managed safely according to strict rules. Personal information
received during the recruiting process will be used only for recruitment
screening and appointment procedures, and not for any other purposes.

*Selection method:
Candidates will be selected based on submitted application material and
an interview. A transportation fee is payable to candidates from abroad.

*Application materials:
 (1)Curriculum vitae
 (2)List of publications
 (3)Statement of research interests (two-pages)
 (4)Names and contact addresses (email) of two references

 Ryo Yoshida
 The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Research Organization of
Information and Systems
 10-3 Midori-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-6552 Japan
 TEL: +81-50-5533-8534
 E-mail: yoshidar[at]
 Please send applications by email.