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P001  Osamu Hirose              SSMcluster: a novel clustering method for sequentially-observed and high-dimensional datasets
P007  Chia-Chun Chiu            EMVA: an R package for comparing and testing missing value imputation algorithms
P010  Yijia Zhang               Construction of dynamic probabilistic protein interaction networks for protein complex identification
P011  Zejun Zheng               Phosphate binding is one of the ancient elementary functions: sequence profiles, structures, interactions
P015  Shah Md. Shahik           In silico structure analysis and epitope prediction of E3 CR1-beta protein of Human Adenovirus E for vaccine design
P029  Yu-Yen Ou                 Prediction of FAD binding sites in electron transport proteins based on efficient radial basis function networks and significant amino acid pairs
P033  Henry Han                 Transcriptome Marker Diagnostics using Big Data
P034  Ching Yee Lau             Getting the most out of RNA-Seq data analysis
P035  Jian-Long Huang           Discovery of sequence variations related to insecticide resistance in Bactrocera dorsalis
P042  Mohd Najib Mohd Ali       Specimen Based Fish Ontology Architecture: Preparing fish specimen data as linked data for semantic web application using SPARQL endpoints 
P044  Priyadharshini A. Moorthy Molecular computational analysis of new targets against antifilarial compounds isolated from Psoralea corylifolia and Mimusops elengi
P049  Wei Xiong                 Protein Function Prediction Based on Protein-Protein Interaction Networks: Network Reconstruction vs. Edge Enrichment
P050  Zoya Khalid               ZK DrugResist: Automatic Extraction of Drug Resistance Mutations and Expression level changes from Medline Abstracts
P054  Van-Minh Bui              MDD-SOH: exploiting maximal dependence decomposition to identify S-sulfenylation sites with substrate motifs
P058  Devendra Biswal           De-novo transcriptome analysis provides novel insight to the biology of the giant intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buski
P061  Devendra Biswal           Phylogeography and genetic variation of Paragonimus westermani (Trematoda: Digenea) and its position within the genus Paragonimus: an in silico▽ study using ribosomal and mitochondrial markers
P067  Chia-Pin Kang             An Automatic Method to Calculate Heartbeat from Zebrafish Embryo Videos 
P068  Yu-Shu Lo                 Reconstructing human structural interactome with disease-associated mutations
P078  Devendra Biswal           Phylogenomics and biogeography of the carnivorous plant family Nepenthaceae in the Order Caryophyllales based on ribosomal, mitochondrial and plastid markers
P079  Zhanzhan Cheng            Effectively Predicting-Protein RNA Interactions by Constructing a High-Quality Negative Set
P087  Tian-Hang Liu             A Balanced Comparative RNA Structure Prediction Method
P089  Haijun Gong               Statistical Inference of Gene Modules Associated with Prostate Cancer in Different Races
P096  Swan Tan                  Characterization of avian to human mutation patterns for influenza A H7N9
P097  Hadia Syahirah Abd Raman  Dynamics of influenza A virus (H5N1) protein sequence diversity
P098  Marco Beccuti             circRNA detection: exome-capture versus non-poly(A)-selected RNA-seq
P099  A.B.M. Shamim Ul Hasan    For mutually repression: Noise induced bimodality, even multimodality in deterministically monostable description without cooperative binding
P100  Grace Tzun-Wen Shaw & Chieh-Yin Weng  Rare but relevant: the influence of low abundance microbes on human gut microbial community
P101  Gianfranco Alpini         Regulation of hepatic stellate cell activation by microRNA let-7 family during alcoholic liver injury
P103  Kun-Tze Chen              CAR: Contig Assembly of Prokaryotic Draft Genomes Using Rearrangements
P104  Min-Kung Hsu              The network of splicing isoform in lung adenocarcinoma
P106  Dongdong Sun              MPTM: A Tool for Mining Protein Post-translational Modifications from Literature
P107  Zhenhua Yu                DeAnnCNV: a tool for online detection and annotation of copy number variations from WES data
P108  Grace Tzun-Wen Shaw       A metagenomic simulator for inferring temporal microbial interactions based on Lotka-Volterra model
P109  Yong Zhou                 Identifying the protein molecule region in the electron density map
P110  Dennis J Grab             Effect of shear stress on human brain microvascular endothelial cell gene expression responses to African trypanosomes
P112  Garima Singh              mutTCPdb: database on mutations in tropical Calcific pancreatitis
P113  Po-Jung Huang             MS-SNP: TransOmics SNV Analysis Platform for Cancer Research
P114  Tomohiro Yasuda           Calculation of mixture proportions of clones in cancer samples
P116  Miki Maeda                Current challenges in development of a database of three-dimensional chemical structures
P117  Md. Bahadur Badsha        Metabolome analysis of the CHO cell culture under different stresses
P118  Nusrat Jahan              Construction of a dynamic model for the central metabolism of Escherichia coli
P119  Dimitrios Kleftogiannis   Hi-Jack: a novel computational framework for pathway-based inference of host-pathogen interactions
P123  Trees-Juen Chuang         NCLscan: a tool to identify trans-spliced, circular, and fusion transcripts with a good balance between sensitivity and precision
P125  Ming-Ren Yen               Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing in profiling Maize methylome
P126  Ernesto Borrayo Carbajal  Phylogenetic-based phenotype-related genetic marker selection method
P130  Masanori Yamanaka         Random matrix theory of protein-ligand interaction
P131  Yuan-Ming Yeh             iMeta: An integrative web tool for metagenomic data visualization
P133  Yun-Di Ku                 Identification and Visualization of microRNA-induced Metastasis Pathways in Biomedical Literature
P134  Hiroyuki Masunaga         Dynamic sensitivity analysis of the ErbB signaling network
P135  Zhiliang Chen             De novo Assembly of the Koala Genome Using Short Reads
P137  Gyeongmo Gu               A drug repositioning method using graph-based semi-supervised learning to genomic expression and drug-gene interaction network
P139  Andrew Chang              Enhanced roles of histone modifications in reducing mRNA expression after gene duplications in nematodes and flies
P140  Ahmed Mohamed             NetPathMiner: R/Bioconductor package for network path mining through gene expression
P141  Jinwoo Kim                A predictive model for overall severity of toxicity symptoms in multi-organ from gene-expression data
P143  Juris Viksna              Modelling and analysis of the impact of parameter values on dynamic behaviour of gene regulatory networks
P149  Ryusuke Sawada            Benchmarking a wide range of molecular descriptors for drug-target interaction prediction
P152  Michio Iwata              Evaluation of computational methods for predicting drug efficacy and targets from drug-induced gene expression data in CMap
P153  Sandeep Kaushik           Genome assembly and annotation of wheat chromosome arm 2AS
P154  Tse-Yi Wang               Integration of gene signatures and population-wide data for elucidating disease-disease associations in thyroid disease
P156  Mai Ishibashi             ChIP-seq-based Functional Dissection of Paralogues; a Case of Esco Acetyltransferases
P157  Sunyoung Lee              Reconstruction of a Model-Target Database for the Computational Translation of Model Genomic Responses
P158  Hyo Jeong Ban             Mutation landscapes of cervical neuroendocrine tumor
P159  Yuki Kato                 Genomic screen for structured RNAs using coarse-grained dot plots
P160  Yoojoong Kim              Gene Expression Analysis for the Time from Progression to Death in Multiple Myeloma
P161  Sufeng Chiang             The dynamics of glucose deprivation-dependent relocalization of Msn2 in yeast
P162  Daisuke Tominaga          Prediction of gene combinations for optimal transgenics
P163  Atsushi Fukushima         Development of metabolite-profiling database in Arabidopsis: AtMetExpress - Meta-analysis of metabolome data
P164  Kazuhiro Maeda            Dynamic Modeling of the E. coli Ammonium Assimilation Network
P165  Kazuki Mori               Activated substructure inference in a large gene regulatory network
P166  Sung-Joon Park            OpenTein: a database of whole-slide digital images of stem cell teratomas
P167  Kozo Nishida              A simulation pipeline for whole-cell modeling with a focus on the reproducible and sustainable model
P168  Norio Shinkai             Computational Methods for indel and fusion gene detection from cancer sequencing data
P169  Koki Tsuyuzaki            MeSH ORA Framework : R/Bioconductor packages to support MeSH over-representation analysis
P170  Munmee Dutta              An exploration of multiple binding specificity in intrinsically disordered proteins 
P171  Christian Schönbach       KSMBP: Kazakhstan Soil Microbiome Project
P172  Thomas Poulsen            Mechanisms involved in mitochondrial localization of mRNA
P173  Anton Kratz               Digital expression profiling of Purkinje neurons and dendrites in subcellular resolution
P191  Jun Hoshino               Computer biomedical database search contributes - becoming trigger of identifying function of a gene called ABHD14a in neuronal disease and neuronal development.