BioHackathon 2017 開催のご案内

JST バイオサイエンスデータベースセンター (NBDC) とライフサイエンス統合データベースセンター
(DBCLS) が主催する BioHackathon
9/9-10 に東京で、ハッカソンをいわて東北メディカル・メガバンクのご協力で、9/11-16

The 10th NBDC/DBCLS BioHackathon

* 9月9日 (土) ~ 10日 (日) 公開シンポジウム @ 東京都市ヶ谷
* 9月11日 (月) ~ 16日 (土) ハッカソン @ 岩手県盛岡市 ホテル大観

NBDC/DBCLS はこれまでの十年間、BioHackathon
BioHackathon によって生まれた成果は多岐に渡ります。10周年となる今回の BioHackathon

7/31 となっています。


The 10th NBDC/DBCLS BioHackathon

* BioHackathon 2017:

BioHackathon 2017 (BH17) will be held in Tokyo and Morioka, Iwate, Japan
from Sep 9th to 16th, 2017.

NBDC and DBCLS have been organizing annual BioHackathons since 2008,
mainly focusing on standardization and interoperability of bioinformatics
data and web services for improving integration, preservation and
utilization of databases in life sciences.

This year, we will host the hackathon in Morioka with a generous support
from the Iwate Medical University where our collaborators are conducting
a cohort project for Japanese populations.

From the experiences obtained through a series of BioHackathons, we have
chosen the Semantic Web as a key technology for improving integration and
utilization of data. As a result of ourcommunity efforts, A number of major
databases have been publicly available as RDF resources, e.g,

* DNA sequences and annotations: INSDC (DDBJ), Ensembl
* Protein sequences and annotations: UniProt
* Protein 3D structures: PDB
* Chemical substances: PubChem, ChEMBL
* Pathways and interactions: Reactome, PSICQUIC
* Biomedical databases: ClinVar, ExAC, MedGen
* Text resources: MeSH, PubAnnotations
* and more ...

and, now it is demanded to create applications based on them, while we also
continue developing tools, ontologies and RDF data as we have done in the
previous BioHackathons.

Topics and targets which may be included by this BioHackathon can be found
at and we are also open to accept
any relevant issues which our community currently faces.

On the first two days, we will have a extended public symposium for
the 10th anniversary in Tokyo. Then we will move to Morioka for software
development and discussions for five days. On the last day, we plan to
have a session for summarizing a meeting report.

Symposium: Sep 9 (Sat) - 10 (Sun) in Tokyo
Hackathon: Sep 11 (Mon) - 15 (Fri) in Morioka
Writethon: Sep 16 (Sat) in Morioka

The hackathon will be took place at the hotel Taikan which is located
at the country side of Morioka city where we can stay together and
focusing on coding.

As a general requirement, participants are requested to attend the meeting
for its entire schedule to maximize the effectiveness of the hackathon and
to reduce logistics problems.

Note that we need to ask your kind understanding for sharing a hotel room
with other participants because the venue doesn't have enough single rooms.

Also, we'll make announcements and have discussions related to the hackathon
on the mailing list at so
if you are new to our BioHackathon, please subscribe to the list.