PRIB 2012口頭発表のストリーミング
Streaming of the presentations at PRIB 2012


11月8~10日に東京で開催されましたPRIB 2012 (Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics)の口頭発表(招待講演及び一般発表)のオンラインストリーミングを開始しました。発表のマルチメディア(ビデオ及び同期したスライド)を視聴できます。いくつかの講義は質問も可能です(2ヶ月間の予定)。質問にはe-Bioのアカウントが必要です(登録は無料)。


  We have started the streaming of the presentations at PRIB 2012 (Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics, held in Tokyo during Nov. 8-10, 2012) through e-Bio system:

  The multimedia (video, synchronized slides and audio) of more than 20 presentations (invited lectures and oral presentations) delivered at PRIB 2012 will be streamed. Some presentations may accept questions for a limited period of time (2 months). Registration is required to make questions.


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[PRIB 2012] Shandar Ahmad (National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Japan); Jun Sese (Tokyo Institute of Technology)