● GIW 2000 レポート ●

GIW2000 (11th Genome Informatics Workshop)は2000 年12 月18 日と19 日に、東京恵比寿ガーデンプレイスで開催され、約540 名の参加がありました。今回から、そのポスターセッションとソフトウェアデモンストレーションが日本バイオインフォマティクス学会の年会として分離されています。今回のプログラム委員会は、米国ワシントン大学のKeith Dunker 博士と北陸先端科学技術大学・理化学研究所の小長谷明彦博士が委員長を務められ、全部で20 件の口頭発表が採択されました。これらの論文の要約はMEDLINE データベースにも収められます。また、ポスター発表が114 件、ソフトウェアデモンストレーションが5 件ありました。さらにセレラ・ジェノミクス社のGene W.Myers 博士(写真左)と東京大学・理化学研究所の横 山茂之博士(写真右)が最新の研究成果を招待講演で話してくださいました。なお今回、学会として、海外から参加して口頭発表を行う若手研究者の旅費の一部を援助することとし、2 名の方が選ばれました。以下にその二人からのGIW レポートを掲載します。
GIW2001 も同じ日程(12 月18 〜19 日)、同じ場所で開催され、プログラム委員長には、Li msoon Wong 博士と松田秀雄博士が就任される予定です。

■ GIW Report from Christian Blaschke

Thanks to the generous travel award I received from the Japanese Society of Bioinformatics it was possible for me to attend to this very interesting workshop. My first impression was the good organization that was done at this event. The posters were presented all together in one part with enough pace to walk through, to get in contact with the authors and to discuss thework together.
Our own work is concentrated on text analysis applied to the results of expression experiments with DNA arrays. Therefore, it was very interesting to see that a considerable part of the posters was focused on the work with DNA arrays (around 20) and also some efforts in the field of text analysis could be seen.The exhibition of the different hard and software companies was very informative. They demonstrated their new products and state of the art in professional bioinformatics.The only critique to this point may be that the exhibitors at an international conference should in general know English and be able to explain their products to a foreign person.
My experience with the oral presentations was also very positive. The microphones and the sound system and the lights were used in a very professional way.At the time of my own presentation I feltthe help of the organizerswith the microphones and the quality of the projectorfor the presentations was very high. The different chairmen did a very goodjob and most of the talks finished in their scheduled time. The presentations came from a wide range of different fields.They included genome analysis,text analysis,DNA expression array analysis, protein structure analysis and the simulation of genetic networks.
The program was very dense but there was enough time left to discuss the works in the breaks in a personal conversation with the authors.Concluding I have to say that this workshop was a very positive experience and it extended my knowledge in different fields of bioinformatics.

Christian Blaschke
Protein Design Group, CNB/CSIC Universidad
Autonoma Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid, Spain
URL : http://www.pdg.cnb.uam.es/blaschke/

■ My GIW 2000 Experience

For a Spanish PhD student, assisting a scientific congress in Japan is, of course, an amazing experience, not only for the contents and the importance of a workshop of this type, but also for the opportunity to visit a city like Tokyo. I must say that the trip was possible in part thanks to the grant supplied for the Japanese Society of Bioinformatics (Thank you very much for this support!).
The increasing importance of Bioinformatics in Genomics and, in general, in Molecular biology is now indisputable and this idea was latent in the oral presentations as well in the subjects of the posters and software demonstrations. On the other hand, when I had to present a report about the workshop to my working group in Spain, and I tried to classify the posters, I realized the difficulty of categorize many of them in just one aspect of Bioinformatics. This is another very clear conclusion to extract from the congress: the huge diversity of subjects and the theme overlapping in the projects.
The preceding conclussion is valid for any Bioinformatic congress today, this is true, but in my opinion, what makes the GIW2000 special is that this year was the eleventh edition! Ten years ago, a Genomic Informatic Work‐shop was already organized in Japan!... and, if one revise the themes of the first edition,there are justthe same diversityand importance of themes than today. To finish,if I have to mention a point to improve for the next workshop,I 'd like to say that the lack of English versions of the leaflets of some commercial companies,was,in my opinion,the only negative point to solve.
Thank you very much to all authors,organizers and staff. See you next year...I hope.

Juan Carlos Oliveros Collazos
Protein Design Group,CNB/CSIC Universidad
Autonoma Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid,Spain