Integration of Local Area Network system in Natioal Cancer Center, and study for network-aided genetic information analysis system.

Yoshiyuki KUCHINO

Biophysics Division, National Cancer Center Research Institute


National Cancer Center Research Institute has about 200 researchers. Most of them are engaged in studies of molecular biology. We established a Local Area Network System in our institute and it has been running since April 1992. This system is connected to more than 250 different instruments including 53 NEC-PCs, 122 Macintosh computers(Mac), 5 UNIX workstations. We adapted Netware 386 v3.11 on the file server which is comunicating both with PCs and Macs. The CD-server contains 14 CD-ROMs including MEDLINE and DNA databases. E-mails and NetNews service system are administered by the UNIX system which was connected to Internet on October l992.

Generally, the researchers have used microcomputers and CD-ROMs for analysis of their research data. A few reserchers have had an opportunity to use UNIX and/or VAX systems by using modem. However the system are not useful for many beginners. So, we attempted to develop the genetic information analysis system using CD-server on the network system. We wish to establish a system running on PCs and Macs which are able to automatically take in up-to-date data-bases collected in UNIX through Internet.