Compartmentalization of the human Genome

T. Ikemura[1]
K. Sugaya[1]
K. Wada[2]

[1]National Institute of Genetics
[2]Chukyo Univ.


It has become clear that the human genome is compartmented an a mosaic of very long DNA sequences, each of which is fairly homogeneous in its G+C content with several different levels. The aim of the present work was to characterize and visualize the G+C% distribution in different domains of the mosaic structures of the human genome. As a sensitive tool to visualize both the long-range and the short-range features of G+C% variation along the genome sequences, we proposed the analysis of the frequency distribution of the dinucleotides that are composed only of G and/or C, or of A and/or T, as well as the distribution of their differences.