A algorithms for extraction of Secondary Structure from Imperfect Protein Tertiary Structure data

Yasuo Yonezawa

System Resarch & Development Institute, TEIJIN Ltd.
Present Address: Course of Information Processing
Department of Electronic Engineering, Aichi College of Technology


In previous research at Secondary structure of Proteins, the extractian & estimation of Secondary Structure from imperfect Tertiary strucutre were impossible at Kabush & Sander dictionary methods as usual algorithms. In this paper, we are described with the algorithm for extraction & estimation of Secondary structure from imperfect tertiary structure as a part dificit 3 D data. This algorithms were based on the vector culculation of established Secondary structure & tertiary structure. Namely, in this algorithm for Secondary structure estimation, the standard vector vale calculated from established Seconadary structure and tertiary structure were compared with vector vales caluculated from tertiary structure of unknown 2nd Strucuture.