A Rapid Mapping System for Assigning Cosmid Clones to Human Chromosome 21 by Dot Analysis

De-Xing HOU[1]
Toshitsugu OKAYAMA[2]
Takurou TAMURA[2]
Eiichi SOEDA[1]

[1]Human Genome Research, RIKEN (The institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
[2]Hitachi Software Engineering Co,, Ltd.


A rapid mapping system has been developed to map a number of cosmid clones to human chromosome 21 by dot analysis. The complex probes were generated by Alu-PCR amplification of cell hybrids and used to map the cosmid clones to the chromosome. Single probes (human ribosomal DNA and alphoid DNA and YAC DNA) were used to grouping cosmid clones. These probes were hybridized to the high density filters of cosmid library prepared by a robotic device of Beckman, and their hybridization signals were identified with a electromagnetic digitizer. Furthermore, the positive signal cosmid clones were mapped to chromosome 21 according to their patterns of hybridization. This mapping system has been demonstrated to be very efficient for assigning a number of cosmid clones to chromosome 21.