Anonymous FTP Prepared by PRF on Genome Network

Ikeuchi, Y.
Isoyama, M.
Seto, Y.

Protein Res. Found.


We have compiled reference libraries for anonymous FTP site on genome network. The libraries are asite, bsite, comdb, hom, mot, mut, oligo, pcr, ster top, and xray. These libraries include reference list containing sequencerelated information and the references are extracted from literature database (LITDB). Each library contains data in the format: one line one record and each item is delimited by character ":". Information in each library are as follows. asite: active site, bsite: binding site, comdb: conserved sequence, hom: homologous proteins, mot: motif sequences, mut: mutant proteins, oligo: oligonucleotide probe sequences for sequencing proteins, per: primer sequences for polymerase chain reaction, ster: stereo drawing, top: topics for proteins, xray: analysis of proteins.

We show some example how to use these library with the UNIX commands: grep, sort, awk, head etc. Today personal computer users can use these UNIX command on MS-DOS. These circumstances means that anyone can use same command on personal computers and work-stations as well as on super-computers. Now is the time to handle computer with powerful UNIX commands.