Bio-Net; A Tool to Support Genome Researchers

Yoshinari WATANABE[1]
Shuji KANEKO[2]
Ichiro SORA[3]
Hiroyuki HAYASHI[4]
Naohiro HOHASHI[5]
Shigeo MASAKI[7]

Bio-Net Working Group;
[1]Fukui Med. Sch.
[2]Kyoto Univ.
[3]Univ. Arizona
[4]Kanagawa Dent. Coll.
[5]Univ. Tokyo,
[6]Sci, Tech. Data
[7]Aichi Pref. Colony


To promote bioscience and medical researches, we founded a telecommunication network, "Bio-Net", in Japan on April, 1989. This network has a membership of more than 4,000, and has been sustained by "Bio-Net Working Group" composed of voluntary researchers. Here we report the development of "Bio-Net" during the last three and a half years, and would like to predict its future availability in the field of a genome research which calls for a highly interdisciplinary scientific cooperation.