Network Servers of DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ)

Yoshihiro UGAWA[1]
Hajime KITAKAMI[1]
Yukiko YAMAZAKI[1]
Kazuho IKEO[1]
Mari SAITO[1]
Masashi UCHINO[1]
Toshiya SAKAMAKI[1]
Shigeru KANEMOTO[1]
Nobuyuki FUJITA[2]
Masataka TAKEKOSHI[3]
Shuji KANEKO[4]
Hideya YOSHIDA[5]
Hiro AMANO[6]
Yasuo INA[2]
Naruya SAITOU[1]
Takashi GOJOBORI[1]
Yoshio TATENO[1]

[1]DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ) National Institute of Genetics
[2]National Institute of Genetics
[3]Tokai University School of Medicene
[4]Kyoto University
[5]Okayama University
[6]National Institute of Hygienic Sciences (Osaka)


DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ) of National Institute of Genetics conducts the collection and supply of DNA data, as one of the International Nucleotide Sequence Databanks cooperatively organized by DDBJ, EMBL and NCBI/GenBank. The supply of DNA data has been made through online retrieval system between the registered users and our computer by using the various retrieval software on the latest DNA data, as well as the distribution on magnetic tapes. We recently started to provide network servers including E-mail, Anonymous-ftp, WAIS, and Gopher servers, which any researcher can use without the registration at DDBJ. At this workshop, we will demonstrate the use of these servers and online analysis software, and provide "DDBJ introduction pack".