Guidance of Access to Bio-Net hosted on the NIFTY-Serve network and Demonstration of On-line Softwares to Aid a Genome Research

Naohiro HOHASHI[1]
Shuji KANEKO[2]
Ichiro SORA[3]
Hiroyuki HAYASHI[4]
Shigeo MASAKI[6]
Yoshinari WATANABE[7]

Bio-Net Working Group [1]Univ. Tokyo
[2]Kyoto Univ.
[3]Univ. Arizona
[4]Kanagawa Dent. Coll.
[5]Sci. Tech. Data
[6]Aichi Pref. Colony
[7]Fukui Med. Sch.


Bio-Net is a special interest group hosted on the NIFTY-Serve network in Japan, which is dedicated to the researchers majored in life sciences. In order to join this group, all you need is a personal computer or terminal, modem, communication software and telephone. Through the messeage board and electronic mail services, you can access rich informational resources. Libraries stocked with downloadable on-line softwares for use in a genome research are also provided. With hundreds of these softwares, DNA and protein analysis will become more efficient. This section is for the demonstration of Bio-Net to see all that it can offer.