Characterization of Enzyme Structure by Informational Complexity

Takayuki Kamei (
Yasuo Yonezawa (

Division of Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering,
Ibaraki University
4-12-1 Nakanarusawa-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki, 316, Japan


It is well-known that enzymes is very important as reaction factor in life systems activity. But the properties based on information theory are not yet enough in biological studies. Then, we examined correlation the complexity at amino acid sequences with its function of Enzymes by informational measure, in order to elucidate the informational properties of sequence structure. Also, power spectrum of enzyme complexity are obtained specific profile by Fourier Transform(FT) method. At results, correlation at sequence complexity, the sequence of enzyme Proteins are given complexity more than non-enzyme Proteins. Moreover, FT profile are given typical pattern at complexity of enzyme Protein sequences. This result are suggested that the new view-point for Protein analysis by information Science.