Management System for Sequencing Data of Human Genome
- As a Part of ALIS -

Mika HIRAKAWA [1] (
Kensaku IMAI [1] (
Akira OHYAMA [2] (
Fumihiko KIKUCHI [1] (

[1] Bioinformatics division, Department of Advanced Databases
Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST)
[2] Bioscience Systems Department,
MITSUI Knowledge Industry Co., LTD.(MKI)


ALIS (Advanced Life science Information Systems) is dedicated to supporting and encouraging large scale human genome research by creating and distributing databases and providing the computing environment. We report on the primary status of ALIS project and our WWW service site ( ). The primary stage of the project has three aspects: large-scale human genome sequencing, construction of an integrated human genome database and development of supporting function for the database.