This volume contains the papers that were presented at the Seventh Workshop on Genome Informatics, held at the Yebisu Garden Place in Tokyo on December 2nd and 3rd, 1996. This workshop was intended to provide a forum for researchers working in interdisciplinary areas between genome science and computer science. This workshop was organized as a part of the activities of the Genome Science Research Project (Yoshiyuki Sakaki, Principal Investigator), supported by a Grantin-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (MESSC) of Japan.

The workshop invited Gordon Crippen (University of Michigan), Pavel Pevzner (University of Southern California), Hiroaki Kitano (SONY Computer Science Laboratory), and Susumu Tachi (University of Tokyo) as invited speakers.

The "Call for Papers" was made in two ways in April, 1996: full papers for oral presentations and two-page abstracts for poster presentations. Each of full papers was reviewed by three reviewers including program committee members, and the final decision was made by the whole committee. The program committee selected 17 papers from the 26 papers submitted.

Abstracts for poster presentations were not reviewed. Poster presentations are made for discussing new research directions, works in progress, practical aspects of softwares, and other innovative concepts.

The program committee wishes to thank all who directly or indirectly supported the workshop, including those who submitted papers, reviewers of the full papers, and those who helped prepare the final manuscripts in this volume.

The Program Committee of the Seventh Workshop on Genome Informatics consisted of Tatsuya Akutsu (University of Tokyo), Kiyoshi Asai (Electrotechnical Laboratories), Masami Hagiya (University of Tokyo), Satoru Kuhara (Kyushu University), Satoru Miyano (University of Tokyo), and Kenta Nakai (Osaka University).

Program Comauttee Chairman
Tatsuya Akutsu
University of Tokyo