Genome-scale Gene Expression Analysis and Pathway Reconstruction in KEGG

Mitsuteru Nakao[1] (
Hidemasa Bono[1] (
Shuichi Kawashima[1] (
Tomomi Kamiya[1] (
Kazushige Sato[2] (
Susumu Goto[1] (
Minoru Kanehisa[1] (

[1] Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
Uji, Kyoto, 611-0011, Japan
[2] SGI Japan, Ltd
Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6031, Japan


The massively parallel hybridization technologies by DNA chips and microarrays make it possible to monitor expression patterns of the whole set of genes in a genome under various conditions. The vast amount of data generated by such technologies necessitates the development of a new database management system that integrates expression data with other molecular biology databases and various analysis tools. We report here an extension of our KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) and DBGET/LinkDB systems for analyzing gene expression data in conjunction with pathway information and genomic information. It is now possible to make use of expression data for the reconstruction of pathways from the complete genome sequences.

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