The Tenth Workshop on Genome Informatics (GIW '99) was held at Yebis Garden Place, Tokyo, during December 14-15, 1999. Since GIW has begun nine years ago, the circumstances for genome informatics have changed drastically. The importance of this research area, as was anticipated by the founders of this workshop, has become widely recognized. The research activities in this area are expected to grow more rapidly in 2000's.

The Program Committee received 27 papaers for oral presentations for GIW '99. Each paper was reviewed by the members of Program Committee. Based on the review reports and on-line discussions of Program Committee, 19 papers have been accepted for oral presentation. These 19 full papers are included in this volume. At this point of tenth anniversary of GIW, the Program Committee has begun to select an excellent paper for the Best Paper Award. This year, two papers were nominated for the Best Paper Award.

The Editors of Genome Informatics 1999 accepted 74 poster abstracts and 9 abstracts for software demonstration. These 83 abstracts are also included in this volume.

GIW '99 invited David Haussler (University of California, Santa Csuz) and Yusuke Nakamura (Director, Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo) for the invited talk. The abstracts of these invited talks are also included in this volume.

The Program Committee wishes to thank all of those who submitted papers for consideration, presented posters and software demonstrations, helped with the reviewing precess. The Program Committee also wishes to thank those who supported GIW '99 and the people in Human Genome Center for their intensive work for the local arrangements and the publication.

The information about GIW '99 is available from the URL address: and a CD-ROM of this volume is also available.

Kiyoshi Asai
Program Committee Chair