Structural and Dynamical Analyses of the Kinase Network Derived from the Transpath Database

Bernd Binder (
Reinhart Heinrich (

Theoretical Biophysics, Institute of Biology, Humboldt University Berlin, Berlin, Germany


We analyze the structural design and the dynamical properties of a protein kinase network derived from the Transpath database [14]. We consider structural properties, such as feedback cycles, pathway lengths, fraction of shortest pathways and crosstalk. Dynamic characteristics of the network are analyzed by using nonlinear differential equations with a special focus on kinase amplitudes and signal propagation times. Comparison with random networks shows that the cellular kinase network exhibits special features which might be a result of natural selection. In particular, the Transpath network contains no cycles, and input kinases and output kinases are generally connected by shortest signalling routes. Moreover, it displays a characteristic spectrum of cross-talk between different pathways.

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