Evolutionary Changes in Gene Regulation from a Comparative Analysis of Multiple Drosophila Species

Lan Hu[1] (hulan@bu.edu)
Daniel Segrè[1] (dsegre@bu.edu)
Temple F. Smith[1][2] (tsmith@darwin.bu.edu)

[1]Graduate Program in Bioinformatics, Boston University, Boston MA 02215, U.S.A.
[2]BioMolecular Engineering Research Center, Boston University, Boston MA 02215, U.S.A.


Exploiting the ortholog/homolog information now available from the complete genomic sequences of twelve species of Drosophila, we have investigated the ability of regulatory site recognition methods to find regulatory changes for orthologs linked to chromosomal rearrangements. This has made use of the wealth of synteny information among these species. By comparing orthologs in multiple species, we found that the breakpoint of chromosomal rearrangements could have had an impact on regulatory changes of genes next to it with respect to the gene function and location. Extensions of our approach could be used to shed light on the role of gene regulation in the evolutionary adaptation to different environmental conditions.

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