Rule-Based Reasoning for System Dynamics in Cell Systems

Euna Jeong (
Masao Nagasaki (
Satoru Miyano (

Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 108-8639, Japan


A system-dynamics-centered ontology, called the Cell System Ontology (CSO), has been developed for representation of diverse biological pathways. Many of the pathway data based on the ontology have been created from databases via data conversion or curated by expert biologists. It is essential to validate the pathway data which may cause unexpected issues such as semantic inconsistency and incompleteness. This paper discusses three criteria for validating the pathway data based on CSO as follows: (1) structurally correct models in terms of Petri nets, (2) biologically correct models to capture biological meaning, and (3) systematically correct models to reflect biological behaviors. Simultaneously, we have investigated how logic-based rules can be used for the ontology to extend its expressiveness and to complement the ontology by reasoning, which aims at qualifying pathway knowledge. Finally, we show how the proposed approach helps exploring dynamic modeling and simulation tasks without prior knowledge.

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Japanese Society for Bioinformatics