Important Dates

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UPDATED on 4-July-2014

7-April-2014 Highlights Track opens  Call for Papers
Detailed information

14-April-2014 Paper/oral submission opens
  Poster submission opens

Paper/oral submission deadline    EXTENDED
11-August-2014 Highlights Track deadline
18-August-2014 Paper/oral First notification to the authors
25-August-2014 Early registration opens
  Paper/oral notification Revision due for paper authors
  Poster submission deadline
  Travel fellowship opens
1-September-2014 Final notification to the authors
8-September-2014 Highlights Track notification
10-September-2014 Camera-ready due for paper authors
15-September-2014 Poster notification
22-September-2014 Late poster opens
  Travel fellowship deadline
  Tech Track deadline
6-October-2014 Late poster deadline
13-October-2014 Tech Track notification
27-October-2014 Travel fellowship notification
3-November-2014 Late poster notification
10-November-2014 Early registration closes
8-December-2014 Online registration closes
15-December-2014 Conference date


Conference date 15-December-2014
Early registration opens 25-August-2014
Early registration closes 10-November-2014
Online registration closes 8-December-2014
Paper/oral submission opens 14-April-2014
Paper/oral submission deadline 7-July-2014 14-July-2014 EXTENDED
Paper/oral First notification 18-August-2014
Paper/oral Revision due 25-August-2014
Paper/oral Final notification 1-September-2014
Paper/oral Camera-ready due 10-September-2014
Poster submission opens 14-April-2014
Poster submission deadline 25-August-2014
Poster notification 15-September-2014
Late poster opens 22-September-2014
Late poster deadline 6-October-2014
Late poster notification 3-November-2014
Travel fellowship opens 25-August-2014
Travel fellowship deadline 22-September-2014
Travel fellowship notification 27-October-2014
Tech Track opens TBA
Tech Track deadline 22-September-2014
Tech Track notification 13-October-2014
Highlights Track opens 7-April-2014
Highlights Track deadline 11-August-2014
Highlights Track notification 8-September-2014


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